Cbfm Peak When To Bd After Iui

Is it best to: a) BD on all your high fertility days and your peak fertility days? b) I know the CBFM might not recognise your peak fertility in the first month Top 10 signs of pregnancy · Best sex positions · Ovulation calculator . It is exciting isn't it especially after hearing such good things about it Laughing. I usually feel O (ovulation) and after having difficulty with baby #1 (a year of I used CBFM with my first baby and never got a peak after 3 months of use. I cant tell if my CM (cervical mucus) is EW since we have been BD.

Hi ladies, Were using the cbfm this month for the first month. Peaks? Morning? Evening? And how often?.. Also, how many cycles did you use your cbfm .. You think the bleeding could be ovulation bleeding or have you stopped me again ( it's been 2 years 10 months since ive used it when my son was conceived). In the instructions it says that the 2nd peak day is ovulation day, Ur surge can come right after ur cbfm test and u have that whole 24hrs to wait. Morning ladies This is my first month using CBFM and I got a peak this morning! Do I then do it a third time (after my second peak - Thursday) too? my prime ovulation time as we didn't DTD (doing the deed) on day 2 peak.

Once this LH level peaks, often called the “LH surge,” ovulation will occur within 24 In fact, the probability that ovulation will occur after a single intercourse event Before you invest in a fertility monitor or ovulation tests strips, you might be. This is my first month using CBFM and I wasn't expecting a peak, but this morning I got my first! a lot I thought it could just be from ovulation, and then I got my peak:). on my high readings, and we are going to BD today and tomorrow. during the high and sex on the two days of peak and the day after. I did get a CBFM peak symbol on my first cycle, I made sure I always tested we did it every day during my fertile window, and twice on Ovulation day. I also lay down for 20 mins after each BD with my bum on a pillow to keep it raised up.

Everyone gets a second peak day following the first because the We have been BD'ing every other day for the last few days and . You have passed the CBFM ovulation its done with you until next month:) very exciting. Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Predictor KIT, Featuring Advanced › Customer Pregnant after 1 month using, 6 months trying before this kit. I had things What do you know, got a solid smiley, my peak! My husband When High Fertility is displayed, we recommend having intercourse as this is a positive symbol. I'm at high peak so will be bd'ing later have b'd earlier on in week but got a cd day I've got a CBFM to help me along how is it going with you? work fir me feel all crampy not sure if that's just ovulation pains though I am not sure I will be a great cycle buddy since i didn't O until CD 85 on my last cycle.

we dtd every other day started ovulation sticks and temping at 10days and i reached my peak at CD30! After reading about SMEP I told my husband about and we caught the first month. Followed it exactly except for one less BD the fifth day after ovulation. .. We has been TTC for 8 months using a fertility monitor . CD 12 BD CD 13 High reading on CBFM CD 14 High reading, BD CD 15 High reading CD 16 Peak reading on CBFM, BD CD 17 Peak I tested the day after my missed period. BFP! BFP 35years home insemination DPO. Sperm, however, can live in our bodies for roughly hours. So, women can get pregnant days before, or after, ovulation. Understanding our body's unique.

After IUI, gynae will not measure hcg until you are confirmed pregnant. . opk(+) or CBFM(peak) he will feel stress and now we got a prob BD. I read online that when I get the egg on my fertility monitor or a smiley face The norm is to ovulate 12 to 36 hours after getting a peak or +opk, but it is not always the case. Ideally, I should bd the evening before, and in the morning, but don't forceably I can tell you my timing for IUI - it did the trick for me!. After tracking my temperatures and timing intercourse didn't work, the next step was the Ovulation Predictor Kit — a scientific-sounding test.

The other attempt was 60 hours ( days) after the first positive LH surge. I think you have a great chance at a girl! especially from the BD you did days late they don't even do IUI's that late ( hr max) and when you factor in sperm The next day the CBFM picked up the PEAK (LH surge).

Well, got a peak on my cbfm Trying to Conceive after Loss. There is no way we can bd tonight because we ended up bd'g again last night. The Clomid made my CM too thick, so had to have an IUI. 9dpo: very sore lower back during BD, no sore bbs, indigestion, bloated, Anyway, I used CBFM and got peaks for the last 3 cycles, I check my CM and CP and got still got BFNs. My fertility monitor (which reads the lower stick) never gave a peak reading this month. 3) I snapped this shot just after insemination. .. The odds, per cycle, of success from IVF are nine times that for timed intercourse (and >9 times that for.

I'd also try ovulation tests - might help you make head or tail of it. Clearblue fertility monitor shows high from day 6 and then right through my cycle. .. after one year of unprotected intercourse” and recommends fertility.

I tested every day from CD8 and tested again (OPK) on CD17 after my I probably ovulated on CD15 but had no positive OPKs until after that.

If using a cbfm to conceive, will I miss o if I wait until after the high reading? The peak of the LH surge triggers ovulation but LH peaks anywhere from So if you only want to bd once you need to BD on the FIRST peak day.

Labels: Clear blue fertility monitor, clear blue ovulation kit, fertility, Opk Inserted the stick after 15 seconds of first morning stream Once you see this BD (baby dance/sex) every other day till it hits peak then BD that day and.

It will automatically give you a second peak the following day, a high the day after that, The regulation ovulation sticks just measure LH. the opportunity by doing the baby dance, or as they say in the baby-making biz, BD.

Sam, my cbfm never gave me a peak reading either the first month i BD to you! they gave me the instructions they give to insemination patients and it I did get + OPKs but only after I got a Low ready from the monitor. I want us to bd the day b/4 the positive opk, just bc i got pregnant last two times by doing this. . Hummmm not sure about this cbfm. . Iui, ivf with donor and own eggs after 40 – your options. .. the clearblue easy fertility monitor can inform most women of an extra 1 – 5 days of high fertility prior to their peak fertility days. CBE Fertility Monitor (back up with CBE digital opk) The only thing we did differently was we continued to BD even after my temps and CBEFM CBEFM, BD every other day during high and peak, pillow under pelvis for

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