How To Cut Deer Backstraps

The backstrap, or loin, of a deer, elk, moose or other big-game animal is considered the choicest cut. Because the long, lean muscle does not do a lot of work. Get step-by-step deer processing instructions and watch the short video Begin a backstrap cut with a fillet knife by inserting the blade close to.

This is by no means the only way to butcher and cook your cuts, but this is how I get keep folks from attempting to grill shanks or stew backstrap.

The tenderloins, or backstraps, are located on both sides of the spine and are the most flavorful and tender cuts on the deer. Cutting up the deer tenderloins.

We explain how to butcher your deer and the materials you will need. On the hind legs, cut the inner thigh skin from the crotch to the shin area. Before removing the back straps, you can shave off any excess fat that has built up in the area.

The backstrap off a deer is similar to filet mignon, according to Harry E. Moran II of the This method involves making a butterfly cut, which is done by slicing the . The grilled venison backstrap recipe I'm sharing with you in this article higher than the thickness of the meat, add the seasoned cut of meat. Because First Light yearling venison is young and tender there are a wide is to prepare a venison backstrap, which in the trade is called a venison striploin.

Grilled Venison Backstrap - The best way to prepare venison backstrap! Delicious and flavorful with no gamey taste! This marinade is the best!.

You can grill any venison steak, but backstrap or loin is a better cut for fast grilling . And here's your first tip: Keep the venison backstrap whole. Don't cut it into. Recipes for venison backstrap, loins, medallions. I mean venison loin and tenderloin are the primo cuts of meat on a deer, elk, moose or other four-footed. Dad and I like to do our own deer processing. We cut the whole backstrap out from each side. We trim any connective tissue, cut each.

Tender venison backstrap is sliced thinly before breading and frying to make a savory crispy crust. 1 (2 pound) venison backstrap, cut into 1/4 inch thick slices. Backstraps, loins, chops, or venison ribeye'¦whatever you call it, this is the money cut on a deer. The part we all bring out to celebrate the hunt. In this article you will find the 8-Best Deer Backstrap Recipe(s)! 2 lb. venison loin (backstrap), cleaned of all sinew and cut in two even chunks.

Yes, we know venison backstrap is darn right delicious as a stand alone cut of meat, but every now and then it& nice to spice things up. Try this stuffed venison. Venison back straps are considered the premium meat on a deer; we Flip the back strap over so the silver skin is against the cutting board. According to reader comments, eating a backstrap any other way than To stuff that thick chunk of venison strip loin, I cut a long slit into one.

Backstraps and tenderloins: Are they the same thing? Have you The only way to reach tenderloins is by field-dressing the deer and cutting them out. This can. Click on each part of the deer carcass to see the cuts of tenderloin, striploin, knuckle and rump are the most tender cuts. Medium-tender cuts are the . Smoked venison backstrap made in a pellet smoker (or in the oven). This recipe makes a moist and tender cut of deer meat that rivals filet.

Learn how to properly cook the finest cut of venison with this simple venison backstrap recipe. The recipe works with any venison, I like backstrap for tenderness, but this is a great way to prepare elk tenderloin as well. Cut your steaks. this week I thought I'd kick off with a great recipe for backstrap my favorite cut of whitetail deer. The backstrap is cut from the top of the deer located on.

If you are not familiar with venison, the backstrap is cut from the top of the deer from each side of the spine. This cut of meat is very similar to the.

This is intended to be a general guide to basic cuts of venison. Many people may choose to cut their venison differently compared to what is outlined on this.

My hunter friend gave me a venison backstrap that is thawing right now. If one end is much thinner than the other end, I will cut in ~half, and. We have from the processor: tenderloins, backstraps, cubed steak and ground venison. I am wanting to know if I should be getting different cuts. I was reading. Deer meat is delicious, and these 7 different cuts of venison show off the uses for every part.

Category: Backstrap/Loin. The loin Chicken Fried Venison – How to chicken fry backstraps Venison Tenderloin – The best cut makes the tastiest sandwich. I`ve never butchered my own deer, always had it done. Now I`m watching hunting videos and they`re talking about cutting out the back straps. There's no doubt that loin of venison, or backstrap, is the tastiest and most prized cut of meat around many Florida hunting camps and Sunday dinner.