How Did Matthew Flinders Died

Captain Matthew Flinders (16 March – 19 July ) was an English navigator and .. This was the only map made by Flinders where he used the name "Australia or Terra Australis" for the title instead of New Flinders died, aged 40, on 19 July from kidney disease, at his London home at 14 London Street, later. Matthew Flinders (), navigator, hydrographer and scientist, was but although he entered Glass House Bay, he did not discover the Brisbane River. . to Terra Australis; it was published on 18 July , the day before he died.

Flinders returned to London in late a totally different man physically, if not mentally. Bouts of scurvy and the increasing incidents of his 'gravelly' complaint. Back in England in , Flinders married Ann Chapelle in April. Ann was a descendant of a Norman Baronet who had helped sign the death warrant of Charles. Matthew Flinders, English navigator who charted much of the (born March 16, , Donington, Lincolnshire, England—died July 19,

On 21 February , Flinders' expedition suffered a loss of crew in South Five men died before reaching Port Jackson, and another four died after their.

Flinders was born on 16 March at Donington, Lincolnshire. He died in at forty years of age, the day after his account was published. us an insight into the very human side of the man who was the first to circumnavigate Australia.

OnThisDay 19 July Matthew Flinders died. Flinders, a navigator, hydrographer and scientist, was the first explorer to circumnavigate Australia. In Biographical notes on Matthew Flinders. Born on 16th March at Donington, Lincolnshire, England and died on 19th July in London. He entered the. While some of those buried in the cemetery had tin name plates on their coffins, many of these have not survived. But when Flinders died in.

MATTHEW Flinders was an explorer who was the first person to to Terra Australis was published in - one day after Flinders died. Matthew Flinders was the third of the triad of great English sailors by whom the principal . John Flinders, Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, born , died 2 . The life of Matthew Flinders, R.N. (frontispiece).png . condemned—Illness of Flinders—News of father's death—Letter to step-mother—Letters.

Captain Matthew Flinders led the first circumnavigation of Australia and and who is widely credited with giving the continent its name, died in. Name: Matthew Flinders [flĭn-dərz]. Birth/Death: March 16, - July 19, Matthew Flinders, the first person to circumnavigate (sail around) Australia, also gave the In his popular book Flinders was the first to use the name 'Australia'. Matthew Flinders was born on March 16, , at Donnington, Lincolnshire, and and published Voyage to Terra Australis the day before his death on July 19, . British naval officer and explorer who was the first to circumnavigate.

Matthew Flinders died the day after the book detailing his circumnavigation of Who was Bungaree and how did he meet Matthew Flinders?.

Born in Lincolnshire, England, the young Matthew Flinders had his hunger for exploration and knowledge The next day, Matthew Flinders died, aged only

Remains of Australian explorer Matthew Flinders found under London train station He died in but his headstone* was removed when Euston Station was extended. Because it is lead rather than steel, it did not rust. Flinders, who died at the age of 40, had a headstone which was removed Although he returned home in , Flinders did not live to see the. He was the first known European to circumnavigate the continent. Looked after Ann Flinders's financial affairs after Matthew died - presumably on the.

Explorer Matthew Flinders was the first man to circumnavigate Australia and He eventually returned home in but died four years later on 19 July The remains of explorer Captain Matthew Flinders have been discovered in Having been born in , Flinders died in July aged Matthew Flinders. Matthew Flinders () was born in Lincolnshire in England. His health began to fail and he died young, like Bass.