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Lyrics: Why the fuck you lying? (why?) / Why you always lying? (why?) / Mm oh my god, stop fucking lying / Always lying to me (why?) / Why are you always lying . I wonder if he knows that I know he's lying right know Oh you got the new margielas That's the stuff, that's the stuff, I see you. That's your BMW?.

Lyrics for Why You Always Lying by Fraser. Why the fuck you lyin'? (Why?) Why you always lyin'? (Why?) Hmmm oh my god, stop fuckin' l. Lyrics to 'Why You Always Lying' by desmond: why the fuck you lying why you always lying oh my god stop the fucking lying oh you had me so close. Nicholas Fraser Why You Always Lying lyrics - all songs lyrics sorted by album year.

I wonder if she can tell. I know that she lying right now hmm. Uh, Come on. What You fa real? Uh, You bought those? Right You must think I'm really stupid. I wonder if he know. I know he's lying right now. Oh you got the new Margiela's That's your new BMW? Hmm that's nice. Hmm that's your girl. Golly Okay I see. It's a BMW by the way. She got big titties, she got a big ass, you feel? I can't wait for you to meet this girl. This is the best thing that ever.

Why You Always Lying official lyrics by Fraser: Why the fuck you lyin'? (Why?) Why you always lyin'? (Why?) Hmmm oh my god.

Why You Always Lying Lyrics by Fraser. Now, listen to all your favourite songs, along with the lyrics, only on JioSaavn. Of course I'm talking about "Why You Always Lying," the latest Internet sensation by a man named Nicholas 'DownGoes' Fraser, and also my. Find the song lyrics for Nicholas Fraser - Top Tracks. Discover top playlists and Why you always lying - Nicholas Fraser (no intro). 48, views. Why You.

Word? You smoked a blunt with Wiz? But doesn't he only smoke papers? You got them new Js? Where they at? Why are you always lying?. Lyrics to "You're Lying" song by Aventura: To me you were more than just a lover I made you How could I ever believe when you're always out on the street. By now you've no doubt seen Fraser's “Why You Always Lying” music video, Flipping the lyrics to “Too Close,” however, has garnered over 9.

desmond dennis – why you always lying lyrics: [intro] i wonder if she can tell that i know that she lying right now ah, come on what? those are real? you bought.

Buzzfeed – This “Why You Always Lying” Video Gets Funnier Every Time You hy the fuck you lying hy y%always lying Stop fucking Iving clothing cartoon black. [Chorus] D Why the fuck you lying A Why you always lying D Hmmm ohh my god A Stop fucking lying D Always lying to me (why?) A You lying. Get lyrics of Why you always lying song you love. Learn every word to your favourite song!.

When I am on the side of you, I'd say my Gods were always lying Lying There's a girl pacing around me Proselytizing parasite Her sick, acidic.

"Too Close" is a song by American R&B group Next, featuring uncredited vocals from Vee of . Replacing the line "Baby when we're grinding" with "Why the fuck you lying," and similarly for following phrases, the song . "This 'Why you always lying?' meme is the internet's new obsession". Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics .

Full and accurate LYRICS for "You're Lying" from "Aventura feat. Nina Sky": To me you Nina Sky Lyrics "You're Lying" when you're always out on the streets-. Despite achieving viral success online and via social media, the “Why You Always Lying” video isn't getting love from everyone. The viral clip. The Vine, titled “That one person that's always lying on what they own”, features a person bragging about all the things The lyrics are “Why the fuck you lyin'?.

Rhymes [Lyrics and poems] Near rhymes Phrase rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases Example sentences .. You just wave to me, you're always lying.

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Yello · 3 Song Compilation; Of Course I'm Lying Lyrics. Of Course I'm How much I love her lies and how much I love her games You're lying 'til the sundown. So look I have always loved this song and wish it had gotten more attention.

Lyrics of LYING by Peter Frampton: Don't even notice you don't even care, I'll see you with You should be trying, you're always lying, oh yeah.

Lyrics to "Think I'm Lying" song by HOOD: Drop that coke in that hot water And tell that bitch My bitch always think I'm lyin', I said I don't, she said "Since when?.

Lyrics to 'Believe Me I'm Lying' by Forever The Sickest Kids: Hey / You always seem to catch me when I'm lying / about the stupidest of things / Okay / you stand .

Hey, you always seem to catch me when I lying. About the stupidest of things. Okay, you stand there while I stab you in the back. With the words (that I told you).